RuleScript is a computer language for policy analysts. It makes checking many documents quick, easy, and reliable.

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Easy to learnπŸ’‘

Learn to read RuleScript in one minute. Learn to write it in one hour.

Not scary πŸ‘»

Doesn't require intense math or knowledge of weird symbols. Everything's in plain language.

Instant results ⏱

Immediately assess whether an input conforms to your policy. Thousands of inputs? No sweat.

Iterate quickly πŸƒ

Take guesswork out of policy development. Examine how policy changes affect outputs in real time, with real data.

Break IT dependency πŸ’Ύ

Separate what IT is good at (collecting input data) from what analysts are good at (processing input data).

For all policy stages πŸ“ˆ

Build new policies with RuleScript, or give superpowers to an existing policy team.